Head of Supply Chain

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Head of Supply Chain

Job description

We're looking for a Head of Supply Chain to lead our Supply Chain team! We're a young and dynamic e-commerce team of 39+ with operations in 7+ countries, and we're looking for you to join the ship:


Your 4 main outcomes as head of the department over the first 6-12 months (and ongoing thereafter) are:

  • Department Governance

Develop and establish governance, reporting, and key performance metric structures and controls for the growing supply chain team.

  • Stock Forecasting

Using current sales data, you will have to forecast future sales to determine reorder quantities, taking into account past stock-outs, seasonality, and marketing. Orders shall fit into the optimal container configuration and reorder frequency. You will sign off on every order placed by the team.

  • Stock Procurement

Track the stock from order placement to delivery at our FCs. This includes setting incentive/penalty programs and early alarm systems with suppliers to adhere to lead times, signing off on booking shipments with our forwarders, ensuring correct tracking of inventory in our warehouse, and setting parameters for decisions as to when to transfer the stock from our warehouse to Amazon’s FBA centers.

  • Stock Accounting

Work with the Finance team to ensure correct financial accounting of all the stock movements, accruing for different costs in COGS, according to FIFO methodology, using our inventory system -- currently based on Excel, but at your discretion if you want to implement an ERP or IMS. You will use custom pivot tables (or API integrations) to process the data and post movements to Xero.

Additional outcomes once the main outcomes are systematized and accomplished include (but are not limited to):

  • Develop new supply chains

As we expand to Canada, Mexico, India, Japan, Australia and China, you should build and scale our supply chain through 3PLs. You shall negotiate pricing and SLAs, execute trial orders and create scalable systems and processes integrated with our inventory systems (right now based on Excel, but at your discretion if you want to implement an ERP or IMS)

  •  Create a supplier database.

This can be integrated with our inventory system or kept separately. You’ll need to develop a workflow for every time a new supplier is added to our supply chain.

  • Create workflows for product ordering and onboarding.

You’ll need to develop a workflow to order new products or restock existing product lines based on the forecast and reorder amounts provided by Finance. The system must hold our suppliers accountable to our lead times and quality standards. The workflow must integrate with our inventory system.

  • Improve lead times.

You’ll need to identify time inefficiencies in our supply chain to get our product from manufacturing to customer as quickly as possible. Work with suppliers to shorten manufacturing times. Work with shipping, loading, customs and warehousing to shorten lead times. Shorter lead times allow for higher Returns on Capital (ROC) and better reaction times.

  • Reduce landed cost.

You’ll need to identify cost inefficiencies in our supply chain to reduce the landed costs of our units. You will need to improve/redesign our current supply chain and work with our manufacturing, shipping and warehousing partners to achieve a lower landed cost without compromising quality, lead times and reliability.

  • Reduce average shelf life.

Work with Sales/Marketplace to improve forecasting to decrease the ‘sales to forecast delta’. Work with internal systems and suppliers to increase order frequency. A lower average shelf life of the product improves ROC.

  • Reduce out-of-stock rates.

Improve reaction times by creating an alternate set of suppliers, air/rail shipping routes or improve raw material availability to allow for quicker, urgent productions and prevent out-of-stocks.

We're a very results-driven, high energy and high pace entrepreneurial company. You can find more about our group at: www.benitago.com

If you believe you're a good fit, we're looking forward to receiving your application!

Job requirements

  • Experience working with 200M+ Supply Chains
  • Usage of stock systems (ERP or IMS) for tracking and forecasting -- please name all used
  • Extensive knowledge of stock accounting including booking in, transfers and COGS
  • In depth understanding of stock valuation methodologies
  • Expert in Excel including pivot tables
  • Experience dealing with freight forwarders
  • Experience dealing with suppliers out of China
  • [optional] Experience with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)